5 Things Not to Say In An Interview

5 Things Not to Say In An Interview

In order to get a good job with a satisfactory compensation, you need to be fully prepared to excel in the job interview. It is the only chance that you get to become a part of the organization you want to work for. Though you may be fully prepared as to what you can say during the interview, you will also need to know what you should not say in an interview. We can help you to understand 5 things that you should never say in an interview.

1. Never say badly about your current organization

Passing derogatory comments about the company that you are working for might give an impression of disloyalty to the interviewer. So, by all means ensure that you maintain a balanced view about the organization that you are currently working for. Same goes for answering question about your current boss or higher management.

2. Never say out your weaknesses

Most interviewers will question you about your weakness. We would advice you not to point them out blankly but instead talk about the areas that you need improvements on. For example, instead of saying you lack technical knowledge, you can say that you need to spend more time on equipping yourself with the know-how of each work that you do.

3. Never say a wrong answer

Most interviewers look for honesty. So when you do not know answer to a question, just be open and say that you do not know the answer. If you know something related to the question, you can share that with the interviewer.

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