5 Things Men Crave to Hear

5 Things Men Crave to Hear

Would it not be great to know what exactly the man you love craves to hear? Imagine being able to speak the exact words that will not only make your man love you more, it will also earn you respect in his eyes. You are vocal enough about your needs and wants – most women are – but men are not as much. Yet, they do crave for appreciation, care and unwavering faith. But they will never ask you to say so. If you do, there is probably nothing more that makes a man happy and brings you closer to him. Here are five things that men crave to hear.

1. Don’t worry, I’m there for you.

You must realize that to err in human and when in love, there is no obligation not to make mistakes. But when such a thing happens, instead of blaming him or making him realize repeatedly how wrong he is, tell him that there is nothing to worry about and that you are by his side. A little support will go a long way in not only making right whatever wrong that has occurred but it also will strengthen your relationship.

2. That was so thoughtful; thank you!

Appreciation is something everyone craves for – whether a man or a woman. But when appreciation comes from someone you love, the world suddenly becomes a beautiful place to live in. Your man craves to hear from you that you are grateful for whatever little effort he puts in to please you or ease your work. Whether he has cooked a meal for you or has done the bed, do not forget to mention that you really appreciate it, and he will be yours for ever.

3. I trust you!

Your man needs to be told time and again that you trust him. You may really trust him but unless you tell it to him, he will not realize it, because truth is that he is a little incompetent in picking up what is on your mind. So tell him often that you have faith in him, that you trust him and he will love you for it.

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