5 Thanksgiving Games For the Family

5 Thanksgiving Games For the Family

Thanksgiving is an old tradition and culture. Its actual significance is to give thanks for the good harvests. As for now, it is celebrated the traditional way while giving a tinge of modernity. There are lavish meals, a great reason for families to come together and celebrate. You could make this day more fun filled by playing some games together. Here are 5 Thanksgiving games for the family.

1. Thanksgiving treasure/ scavenger hunt

In order to involve all the relatives, kids arrange for treasure hunt games. Hide different objects related to Thanksgiving, like images of various Thanksgiving food preparations, or any other thing that would be fun to find with all the clues. Keep a small reward for the winning team at the end.

2. Photo booth

The idea of posing with props in a photo booth is very popular and exciting. Create props like turkey hat, face or things made of pumpkin or anything funny and appealing. All the relatives, adults and kids can pose using these props and you could frame nice memories of the day.

3.Thanksgiving feast memory game

This game requires people to sit together. One person would begin saying – ‘At my Thanksgiving feast I ate turkey’. The next person would add to it, ‘at my Thanksgiving feast I ate turkey, pie’. This will continue with each person adding a dish to the list and will have to remember all in order. Its a very fun filled and interesting memory game.

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