5 Super Tips On How To Apply Eye Makeup

5 Super Tips On How To Apply Eye Makeup

Have you heard the saying, “A woman can speak through her eyes”? It’s true. Your eyes say a lot about you and it’s your eye makeup that can make or break your look. All your efforts of getting a new haircut or dressing sexy will go waste if you have not applied eye makeup correctly. Read on, and learn how to apply eye makeup perfectly.

Tip 1: Add definition to your eyes

Leslie, 31, works for an HR company and conducts interviews throughout the day. “It’s important that I carry a crisp look in my eye all day long. My secret to getting those well defined eyes is my eye liner. I use a thin and brown eyeliner and create a strong definition by starting at the inside corner and then working my way to the outer corner.” Even we think that using the eyeliner to add crisp definition to your eyes is a top tip on how to apply eye makeup.

Tip 2: Make optimum use of the concealer

Patty, 27, a working, mother has been having many sleepless nights since the birth of her child a few months back. This has given her dark patches below the eyes. She talks about the importance of a concealer. “Using the concealer is tricky. Too much or too less can spoil your look. The best way to use the concealer is to apply 3-4 dots under the eyes, starting from the inner corner. Pat them gently to conceal those nasty dark patches”, she advices.

Tip 3: Curl your eyelashes well

We have to agree with Robyn, 24, a graduate, who says that curling eyelashes never went out of vogue. “Simply warm up your curler with low heat from your blow dryer. Open up the curler and clamp them on the roots of your lashes. Make sure you do it gently and not hurt yourself. Let it remain that way for 10 seconds and then clamp off”, said Robyn. “Just make sure that you remove all the old mascara from your lashes before curling them”, she added. We think that curling your eyelashes is a fantastic way to get that seductive look in your eyes.

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