5 Style Tips to Learn From Hilary Duff

5 Style Tips to Learn From Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is a style icon that millions of people want to follow. She dresses appropriately and wears the right makeover for every occasion. Her dressing sense is impeccable and when she steps out, she does so in style. Here are some style tips to learn from Hilary Duff.

1. Body Shape

Hilary Duff has a rectangular body shape and shares this structure with other celebrities of Hollywood such as Cameron Diaz, Rachel Hunter and Nicole Kidman. This body shape is similar to that of an hourglass but just that the waistline is not so well defined or pronounced. Hilary meticulously chooses clothes that flatter her figure and includes the need to use vibrant hues, diverse prints and details like ruffles, beads and tiers, lots of accessories and varied shapes and cuts. She does not draw too much attention to her waist area but instead uses belts to slim down her waist.

2. Beautiful Smile

Hilary has a sensational smile and white teeth that draw attention to her mouth area. She prefers to keep her lip shades neutral and hence uses lip gloss or a pink or peach lip shade. For special occasions, she goes with red. To get that quintessential Hilary Duff look, use teeth whitening toothpaste and floss daily. Using a mouthwash will keep you feeling fresh. Smile a lot to bring the cheer and vibrancy to your face. Dip a soft toothbrush in sugar and petroleum jelly and use the mix as a scrub for your lips. When it dries and penetrates skin, rinse it off.

3. Makeup

Hilary Duff uses a lot of gold and pink as her preferred makeup shades. Mix and match them for the perfect look. She uses a light foundation and spreads it outwards from her nose. Under eye concealer should be at least two shades lighter than that of your foundation. Blend both hues well to create a flawless complexion. Pink blush on the apples of cheeks completes the Hilary Duff look. Apply blush while smiling.

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