5 Steps to Find Your Correct Bra Size

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Feeling odd and uncomfortable in your dress? Your incorrect bra size could be one of the reasons. A wrong bra size is a no-no for any woman. It can damage the breasts internally, cause them to get saggy, lose their shape, and spoil your look. Wearing an incorrect size could wear down your mood and confidence. Here are some steps to finding your correct bra size.

1. Measure with a tape

Find a proper measuring tape and put it around your chest. See that it is properly held. If you cannot do it yourself, take help. It is best to take help from a professional who is available at a good lingerie store. Make sure the tape measures flat on the skin and goes straight around the back. This must be done in front of a mirror and it would be great if there are two mirrors so that the front and the back can be seen.

2. Find out the band size

Always keep a pen and a paper at hand so that the measurement can be noted down in inches. This measurement becomes your band size. If the measurement comes to an odd number, you can take the next even numbered bra as band sizes usually come in even numbers. It is best to try out the bra to find out if it is loose or tight. If it is loose, you could choose an even numbered band less than your odd numbered measurement.

3. Measure with your bra on if you have sagging breasts

If you have large or sagging breasts, it is best to measure with a bra on. You must pull up your bra straps so that a measurement under the breast area can be taken. Do not rely on the measurement that you took six months or a year ago. Take a fresh measurement after every six months.

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Photo Courtesy : OtnaYdur ©crestock.com
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