5 Steps to Deal with a New Crush

5 Steps to Deal with a New Crush

When you have a new crush, it becomes very difficult to control yourself when you are with him or he is anywhere in your vicinity. But instead of going weak at the knees every time you see him or every time someone mentions his name, you should act sensibly. Have a practical outlook of the situation and you will be able to deal with your crush in a more proficient manner. Here are 5 steps you should follow in order to deal with a new crush.

1. Control your emotions

You must not, at any cost, lose control of your emotions. Whenever you see him, stop fainting or feeling your heart pounding against your chest. It is a sign that you are not being realistic, and letting your fantasy take a toll on your consciousness. Take charge of how you feel, and accept the fact that he is just another guy whom you happen to like.

2. Talk to him

If you have managed to stop swooning at the very sight of him, go ahead and talk to him. Remember that he is no angel and you can very well and have a normal human conversation with him. This will help you understand the person better. There is no escaping the fact that you really like him, but keep it to your heart for the time being and talk to him ordinarily.

3. Give him hints

If you have come to talking terms with your new crush, you have begun to understand him as a person and either your fondness has grown or decreased or is still the same. If you still consider a relationship with him, drop subtle hints by the way you look at him, your body language, asking him to accompany you on an outing with friends and so on. He will either ignore you or will reciprocate and you will realize how he feels about you.

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