5 Signs You’re not Happy

5 Signs You're not Happy

When asked if you are happy, the answer is a resounding no from many people. They talk about being not unhappy or being content but when asked about happiness, they do not have an immediate answer. Sure, there are no set standards for happiness and it cannot be gauged either using measurements or scientific tools, but happiness in a person reflects on the outside and you pretty much can tell if a person is happy or sad by looking at them. The same applies for you too, you may be content in life, but you might not be truly happy and there are certain signs that let you know.

1. Getting used to routine

You do the same things day after day not because they make you happy, but you are comfortable with it and have a routine that you don’t want to break for fear of upsetting your present life. Break the routine once in a while and try new and different things. Happiness might just be waiting around the corner.

2. You are listless

Not only because you are tired after work or after a long day of doing house work and running after the kids, but because there is nothing new to look forward in life. Being listless is a sure sign that you are not happy with you current situation.

3. You complain about the small injustices

A deep seated inner unhappiness reflects in your complaints about the small things that go wrong in your life. If you are complaining in the evening about a slight during the morning commute, it is time you took a check on how frustrated or sad you are feeling.

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