5 Signs Your Husband Is Still Crazy For You

5 Signs Your Husband Is Still Crazy For You

Have many years have passed since your marriage? Do you think that the initial love between you and your husband has faded with time? You might not be aware, but your husband could still be crazy for you. How could you tell whether he still loves you more than anything else in the world? Here are the top 5 signs that your husband is still crazy for you.

1. He says ‘I love you’ a lot

He still says the three magic words often. Whether you realize it or not, he might be saying it with the same feeling as he used to do it earlier. He still loves you as he used to and if you find him saying ‘I love you’ often, rest assured that he is still crazy for you.

2. He expresses his affection

No matter how long you have been married, he does not cease to show how much he loves and cares for you. He still kisses you before leaving for work and hugs you when you feel upset about something. He is crazy for you if he does not get tired of expressing his affection towards you even today.

3. Loving you makes him happy

If you find that he loves you happily, then he is still madly in love with you. If your husband does not really love you, he will not be able to fake it for long. Forced love shows, but if you find that loving you comes naturally to him and is part of his everyday routine and in fact, loving you makes him happy, he is still crazy for you.

4. He is in distress if you are

He is overtly compassionate as far as you are concerned. If you are sick, he is in pain. If you are worried, he is upset. If you are in distress, so is he. He looks at life as one intertwined with yours. He cannot exist independent of you. If such is the case, he is crazy for you, no matter how many years of marriage have passed.

5. He values your opinions

He values your opinions because he assumes you to be a part of his life and he cannot imagine life without you. At his subconscious level, you are always there as someone to keep in mind, whenever he is planning anything for future. And in every case, he feels that what you think is of paramount importance, because his future is your future as well.

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