5 Signs Your Boyfriend’s Friends Like You

5 Signs Your Boyfriend's Friends Like You

We all have to hang out with our boyfriend’s friends every now and then. But it can be very difficult to know whether your boyfriend’s friends actually like you or not. Knowing this can help you be more comfortable around them and you will probably enjoy hanging out with them more. This will also make your boyfriend happy. Here are a few pointers that will help you understand whether they like you.

1. They treat you as their equal

If your boyfriend’s friends treat you the same way they treat your boyfriend, be happy. It’s a good sign. They think you are not different and that they don’t need to put up appearances in front of you. But remember don’t expect them to treat you exactly like how they treat your boyfriend. There will be some differences. As far as they don’t pretend around you, they like you.

2. They make effort to involve you in conversations

If they ask you questions and make sure you are actively involved in the conversations, be sure that they like you. Boys usually don’t take a lot of effort. They expect you to fit in yourself. If they are making such an effort, they are trying hard for you to be a part of their group. Don’t be shy, add to the conversations and have a good time.

3. They don’t feel insecure

Guy-friends in a group often feel that a girlfriend takes their friend away and this makes them very insecure. If your boyfriend’s friends are not insecure around you it means you don’t give them a reason to be!

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