5 Signs Your Boyfriend is Using You

Signs Your Boyfriend is Using You

For you, it’s a chance for true love and everlasting happiness, but for your boyfriend it may not be the same. He only wants to treat you like an object and derive utility benefits. It could be your worst nightmare. The earlier you sense the signs, sooner you can put an end to it. Here are 5 signs that show that your boyfriend is using you.

1. He only wants to get physical

Using women for sexual exploits is a common trait in some men. Does your boyfriend sound very desperate and shows interest in you only when you make out? He wants to stay indoors and hates to take you out for dinner or pay heed to your problems. He is not available when you need him emotionally.

2. He makes you do all the odd jobs

Your boyfriend could be so lazy that he lives with you so that you can manage the household affairs such as sweeping, mopping, cooking and cleaning. He just sits on the sofa and piles the workload on you.

3. In sickness and in health

When you’re unwell and need him to be around, he makes excuses and does not make himself available. Forget about bringing you chicken soup, he does not even call you to inquire about your health. This shows that he does not care when you are of no use to him.

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