5 Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Ex

Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Ex

Sometimes getting over your ex-boyfriend could be the most difficult experience you have to deal with. An overpowering fear takes you over that he was the one and you are not together anymore. Only if you could make this right. Even though it has been long, you have not slid past the breakup and find yourself warped by these thoughts. It becomes an obsession. It’s important to understand this obsession so that you can become aware and move on with your life. Here are 5 signs that show you are obsessed with your ex.

1. You are in regular contact with him

Although you have called off your relationship, you expect him to call you and exchange messages in the same manner. You pick fights with him when he does not. You remain in constant touch with him. He is the first person to know about something happening in your life.

2. You do not let him date

It bothers you if he wants to date someone or feels inclined towards another girl. You cannot imagine anyone else in his life. You feel so insecure that even if he is with a female friend, you doubt his intentions.

3. You do not feel for any other man

Your friends introduce you to other men, and you even try online dating but no one can fill that void. You feel you cannot be with anyone else. His memories are far too strong for you to let go.

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