5 Signs You are Heading for a Split

4. You no longer put an effort into the relationship

The small things or the big sacrifices that each would have made for the other no longer happen and you do not see the point in making an effort to make the relationship work. It applies to your partner too and when this happens you need to understand that you are going to split and things need to be different if you want to save your relationship.

5. Lack of physical intimacy

When the relationship is no longer what it used to be and is entering shaky grounds, there is less or absolutely no physical contact between a couple. Sex is not the only physical contact , but holding hands, hugging, kissing are some of the other things that disappear when you are headed towards a split.

Look out for these signs to understand that you are headed towards a split. If you can , you can do your bit to save it or exit from the relationship gracefully.

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