5 Signs You are a Victim of Identity Theft

5 Signs You are a Victim of Identity Theft

The saddest thing about being an identity theft victim is that you realize very late that you have become a victim. Most of the ID thieves are masters in their trade and are very resourceful when it comes to tricking. With identity theft cases running rampant, you should be really alert and check for some early clues that may hint that your identity has been stolen. Check out 5 signs that indicate you are a victim of identity theft.

1. You don’t receive your bills and statements

Credit card bills, bank statements – find some regular bills missing? Before feeling relaxed, just pause for a moment and review all bills and statements. Are you familiar with every item listed on the bills? If no, there can be an underlying problem. Chances are that someone has stolen your credit card number and is using it to their best. Similarly, missing bank statements can also pose danger, as it can mean your money is being used by some other person. Probably your address might have been changed by the thief, so that the bills never reach you and you never know what is happening. So, always pay close attention to your monthly bills or missing of the same.

2. You receive a thank you gift

Felt surprised when you got a ‘thank you gift’ one fine day? While you might feel happy initially, that could also mean you funded for something you never ordered. Check the source of such untimely gifts.

3. You receive calls from debt collection agencies

If your identity has been stolen, then don’t be surprised if you get calls from a debt collection agency. Chances are that someone might have used your information to start an account or to apply for loans or credit cards. Daily calls from collection agency about products you did not buy might bug you. Thieves can use the money in your account to their advantage and leave you in debt. Always make it a point to read your bank statements clearly and contact your bank if you find some suspicious transactions.

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