5 Signs You are a High Maintenance Girlfriend

5 Signs You are a High Maintenance Girlfriend

A high maintenance girlfriend is a nightmare for some men, while some others simply don’t care. Are you an avid follower of all the latest fashion, settling for nothing less than a high-end brand even for your inner wear, spending mindlessly on expensive cosmetics and accessories? No doubt, you are a high maintenance girlfriend. If you still have any doubts lingering, pester your man for an honest answer. But before you check with him, here are 5 signs that you are a high maintenance girlfriend.

1. You only want the best

You can settle for nothing less than the best. Be it cars, restaurants, clothes or vacations, you are not the one to be satisfied by any budget options. For you, only the expensive choices are worth. If you find yourself there, you are a high maintenance girlfriend.

2. You go for manicures and pedicures every week

It is certainly a healthy habit to get your hands and legs cleaned once a month. But what if you do it on a weekly basis? Isn’t it a bit high on the finance scale? Hitting the salon every week for manicure and pedicure, just to change your nail paint or art becomes heavy on your purse. And this is inevitably a sign that you have a ‘rich’ taste.

3. You believe that hair styling is a ritual

If a strand of your hair is out of place, do you get restless? Do you spend more than half of the day in a salon just for a hairdo? Before every social event, do you hit the salon spending a good amount? Most of the high maintenance girlfriends cannot think of a simple ponytail. For them, hair styling is big process that leave at least a few men go grrr…

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