5 Signs You are a Compulsive Shopper

5 Signs You are a Compulsive Shopper

Compulsive shopping is something you can develop over a period of time without actually realizing that it’s a bad habit and a syndrome you will find difficult to get rid of. If you have an overflowing wardrobe and if on most occasions you find stuff you have not used even once and can’t recollect when you purchased it, then maybe it’s an indication that you are a compulsive shopper.

1. Regular unwanted shopping

If you find yourself buying unwanted stuff regularly, if people around you complain about your unnecessary and excessive spending on materialistic items that are not needed, then it’s time you rethink about your spending habits as you could be a compulsive shopper.

2. Lying about shopping

When people around you ask you about the reasons for your shopping or also about the amount you spent and you very easily lie to their face. This is one of the signs you are a compulsive shopper. You may also hide the things you buy to avoid any conflict at home.

3. The time of shopping

Compulsive shoppers generally become a part of a vicious circle. Whenever there is a problem, they resort to shopping. Shopping makes them happy, but this elation dose not last very long and they then go back to shopping again.

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