5 Signs That You Are An ‘Easy To Please’ Girl

5 Signs That You Are An 'Easy To Please' Girl

“Sam, I’ve been waiting for you for the past two hours on this lonely street!”
“I got caught up with some work, Tanya.”
“You could have at least picked up your phone while I was trying to call you.”
“Forget it Tanya babes, see I got you a rose.”
“Hey that’s so sweet, thank you Sam!”

Read the conversation carefully. Doesn’t it sound like Tanya gave in way too easily to Sam? Well, the reason is probably she found it really hard to stay mad at Sam. Especially the fact that Sam got her something practically made up for everything. Does she sound a lot like you? Do you too find it practically impossible to not give in to someone? Are you an easy to please girl? Come, find out. Here are 5 clear cut signs that you are actually an easy to please girl.

1 Nobody hates you

Yes, it sounds really nice, doesn’t it? But what could be the reason for it? It is because you practically have never stood up for yourself and have let anyone dominate you without any effort? Nobody would hate a person who is so easy to please, because they find that person is really easy to get along with.

2. Whenever there is an argument, you’re at the losing end

If even a child can make you change your mind and force you to think like them, then my dear friend that is not a very good sign. Have you ever won an argument? Have you ever managed to convince anybody? Have you ever managed to get your way? No? Then it is very much possible that you are an easy to please girl.

3. You hate to see somebody else dissatisfied

And because of that, you do all it takes to see to it that everybody around you is pleased, even if it means putting your own wishes aside. Now this is really very bad because it proves that you have a habit of giving in to the demands of others while stepping on your own.

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