5 Signs That You Are A Gold Digger

5 Signs That You Are A Gold Digger

A gold-digger is defined as a person who attempts to date only a rich person so that they can fulfill their financial and luxurious needs and wants. All is fair in love and war. So searching for a Sugar daddy in this world ain’t a crime after all. It is not something that you deserve to be punished for. But you can always work to reduce your temptations away. Are you one such girl who believes in digging for gold in the dating world? Check for the following signs.

1. Ex-boyfriends

Take some time off and think about the boys you’ve seriously dated in the past. Did most of them belong to influential or wealthy backgrounds? Were they highly educated and possessed a high caliber to become really rich one day? If yes, then it is very much possible that you are a gold digger. You can also consider the most common reasons for your breakups. Has it ever happened that you lost interest in a guy because of financial stability more than once? Every girl out there looks out for a guy who possesses some kind of financial security, however basic financial security and the want for luxury are different.

2. Current boyfriend

If you are seeing someone currently and are really serious about him, take some time off and analyze him carefully. Is he someone really rich or someone who spends lavishly on you? Does he flood you with expensive gifts all the time? If yes, then what would be your reaction if he would stop spending on you or lost all his wealth? Would you break up with him? This point is really important because it brings out the real reason why you could be dating him.

3. Your dream man

Every girl has certain qualities that she wishes for in her dream man. Close your eyes and imagine your dream guy? What is that one quality that you just can’t compromise on? Did you pick money by any chance? If a rich guy is something you just cannot compromise on, it is possible that you are a gold digger after all.

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