5 Secrets Of a Good Complexion

5 Secrets Of a Good Complexion

A good complexion plays a very important part in how you look. It also is an important factor that makes you look good and presentable. As much as we all would love to have a great complexion, it is not an easy task. A quick fix measure would be to hide our skin under layers of makeup, but this is only a short term solution and eventually ends up creating lots of problems to our skin. Having a good complexion has a lot to do with genetics. To an extent it also depends on our surroundings and environments. There is not much we can do about those genes we have been passed, but there are a lot of things that we can do about the environment and our lifestyle. For our lifestyle has a role to play in how our complexions fare too. Here are a few secrets to have a great complexion.

1. Go natural

Going natural, be it food or cosmetics is a good start o getting a good complexion. Stay away from fatty, fried, processed foods and try to eat as many as fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. When you stop eating fatty foods, there is less risk of fat getting deposited and fewer chances of pimply acne-ridden skin too. Fruits and vegetables with their high water content and fibers make sure you are hydrated. The fibers ensure that your digestion system works fine.

2. Cosmetics

Cosmetics do not always have to be made of chemicals. There are so many natural alternatives that you can use in place of the chemicals you use every day. For example, instead of using a moisturizing cream every day, we can just add a little bit of oil to our beauty regimen. They are great for your skin and are also completely natural.

3. Sweat a lot

It does not mean you need to constantly need to do stuff that make you sweat. When you exercise or are staying at home, let your skin breathe and let it sweat, for sweat is a natural way of your body cleansing itself. The skin also breathes easy when you wear less restrictive clothes and sweat is let out easily. If you are not meeting people or just staying at home, you can also forego the deodorants for a while, for they can damage your skin too.

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