5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Text While Driving

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Text While Driving

Texting while driving is a big cause for concern as it can lead to a number of problems. You can even get fined for it in certain states. We give you some reasons why you should not text while you drive.

1. It can add to your stress

This is especially true when you are having a heated text discussion or an argument with someone while you are driving. Your anxiety level will increase with every notification and you will be constantly wondering what the next reply will be. Also, if you receive a bad news through a text while driving, then it can really make you lose focus and make you emotionally unstable.

2. You may end up sending the wrong text

Since you are trying to focus on both the road and your mobile, you may end up getting into trouble by texting something that you should not have. Even a single error in your choice or words can lead to great misunderstandings. Also, if you are dealing with work related texts, then a wrong text to the wrong person can even get you fired. If you send something to your boss which was actually intended for your lover, then things can get real complicated.

3. It is unsafe for you

When you text while you drive, it is like driving blind for about five seconds. You may think that the road is clear and there is absolutely no traffic. However, life can change in a matter of seconds. You may have a rabbit or a raccoon on the road or there might be some fallen try that managed to escape you eye. In case of a slippery road, this can really prove dangerous if you driving at a fast speed.

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