5 Reasons You Should Support Your Best Friend’s Dreams

5 Reasons You Should Support Your Best Friend's Dreams

A best friend is someone who shares a lot with you, sometimes her interests, sometimes her dreams, sometimes her passions and sometimes her own emotions. The bond between you and your best friend is something that is unique and holds its own place in both hearts. Fighting for a common goal or cause or helping each other achieve the dreams you dreamt, could be a great way of forging a friendship that will last a lifetime. Here are some reasons why you should put in all your efforts to help your best friend achieve her dreams.

1. You are the one she looks for help

If it is your best friend’s dreams at stake, you are the first person she will turn to for help. If there is anyone who she thinks will understand her dreams and the value they hold for her, it would be you. So, it is your emotional as well as moral duty to answer her call. In some cases, she may not really ask for help directly. But, at the end of the day, she always expects you to be on her side without her having to ask for it. As a best friend, you will also be the one whose judgment she truly relies on. So, when she is stricken with self-doubt, it is your duty to remind her how good she is, giving her dreams new wings.

2. You believe the most in her dreams

In order to help someone achieve his or her dreams, you will have to first understand what those dreams are. That is why it is the best friend who usually understands the dreams and the passion behind it perfectly. If the best friend doesn’t believe in your dreams, there is a good chance you will stop believing in them too. The same holds true vice-versa as well. So, you believe the most in your best friends’ dreams and you have to make her believe in them harder as well.

3. You will feel satisfied

There is no worse feeling than turning away a friend who was looking for your help or support. Similarly, there is no greater satisfaction than helping your best friend achieve her goals. When you stand by your best friend, help her achieve what he had always dreamt of and then get to share the greatest moment of her life, you will create a memory that will always remain in your heart. There are not many chances given to us to prove our own worth to ourselves. Actions like these make us respect ourselves more than anything else.

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