5 Reasons You Should be Future-focused and not Present-focused

Reasons You Should be Future-focused and not Present-focused

“Living in the moment” may be your go-to sentence when it comes to avoiding any sort of inconvenience about planning for the future. But your coming generations will not be great beneficiaries of this “here and now” philosophy of yours. Although being absolutely carefree and the going with the flow idea may seem very tempting, yet focusing on the future is important. Here are reasons why you should be future focused and not present focused.

1. For the coming generations

Your children and successive generations are going to bear the brunt of how you choose to live your life today. Your lack of far-sightedness can leave them with an unstable life. All it takes is a bit of planning to give your children the secured future they deserve.

2. For the old age

In today’s busy life, people hardly have the time to look after someone. You cannot depend on your children to constantly be with you in your old age. People who can see the future and plan ahead of the times are wise. Saving up while you can will not only ensure you a dignified, self-sufficient life in the old age, but also relieve your children from some of the tensions.

3. For a healthier you

You are young now, healthy and in the best of condition. What do you care about what you are doing to your body? What’s in having a Big Mac every day? What’s in wearing those 6-inch heels that kill your feet? Well, the consequences of your unhealthy living will only crop up in the old age. People who focus on the future eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly.

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