5 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Needs His Space

5 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Needs His Space

When you’re in love or you are new to the dating circle, you want to spend every single moment with your boyfriend. But it’s important to remember that no matter how new or old the relationship, you should give your boyfriend his space. Here are 5 reasons why you should do this.

1. Being clingy and needy can result in lack of interest

Most women tend to make this dating faux pas. After having spent hours together they constantly call the guy to track his moves or leave dozens of messages on his phone even before he has reached home. This can lead to a subsequent decline in interest. Don’t be surprised if he is finding ways to avoid you.

2. He can get frustrated spending too much time doing girly stuff

Spending hours cleaning the house, folding wrapping papers, replenishing the flower vase with exotic bouquets, filling the bowl with fresh potpourri or labeling photo albums may be fun activities for you but there is only so much a guy can take. He needs space to drink beer and enjoy a game on TV.

3. Couples who live together start to look alike

Now, this may not be a bad thing. You enjoy doing the same things, spend lot of time with each other and even adopt similar mannerisms until a third person points out how there is no difference between the two of you. Not giving space does not allow you to grow individually.

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