5 Reasons Why You Attract the Wrong Guys Easily

5 Reasons Why You Attract The Wrong Guys Easily

To err is human, but when it comes to relationships, the question is how many times can you afford an error in judgment? Sometimes when you are longing for a happy and satisfying relationship, you just end up falling, and all you are left with is a mess to clean after; tears, fights, anger, frustration and worst of all, regret. You just wish that if you could go back in time and alter some of the decisions you made in your love life. The most common mistake you tend to make is, attract the wrong guy. Here are 5 reasons why you attract the wrong guys easily.

1. You are lonely

You meet the guy for a date or even a fling or a one night stand which is perfectly understandable when you feel alone in a crowd. But when you start expecting more and cry your eyes out and pour your feelings over something you’re not sure of, it shows that you want a good and healthy relationship and you are hurting yourself by indulging in an affair that you should not remember.

2. You have a lot going on in your life

Perhaps your personal life is a big blob of mess– parents divorced or separated, domestic conflicts, a work life which does not clearly point you in the right direction. You are already in a state of confusion, and to find some respite you just end up with anyone.

3. You want to settle down

You have had enough with all the bad boyfriends. You just want to look for a nice, adorable guy and settle down. But too much effort can weigh hard on you and cloud your judgment.

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