5 Reasons Why Women Take Time to Get Ready

Reasons Why Women Take Time to Get Ready

Men usually get frustrated and irritated due to the time taken by their woman to dress-up for any occasion. There has always been a quest to know why women take so long to get ready. Here are 5 typical reasons which reveal the answers.

1. Choosing the Right Dress:

Women are most confused when it comes to the crucial task of choosing what to wear. No matter what the occasion is, they will always find it difficult to select a dress. This decision occupies most of the time taken by women to get ready.

2. Everything has to Co-ordinate:

Women are very particular when it comes to coordinating their clothes with matching footwear and other accessories. If they don’t have a matching footwear or the respective accessories, they will choose another dress. As a result, the requirement of coordinating everything and then wearing becomes a tedious job which leads to the long hours consumed to get ready.

3. Make up and hair style:

Once the right dress is chosen and is perfectly coordinated with correct footwear and accessories, the next thing women do is get an appropriate hairstyle and apply make-up which complement their outfit. What men don’t understand, is the importance of these things in the lives of women and are therefore compelled to nag for the long hours of waiting.

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