5 Reasons Why Women in Their 40s Have Affairs

5 Reasons Why Women in Their 40s Have Affairs

Understanding a woman is hardly an easy task. They are secretive yet very open, headstrong yet very vulnerable, devoted yet capable of bringing the house down; all in all they are very complex creatures. As time passes, they become even harder to comprehend! Here is a list of 5 reasons why women in their 40s have affairs.

1. Loneliness

Women in this age tend to get lonely, with their husbands either too much into work desperately clinging to their youth, or too much six feet under to be with them. It is not rocket science to figure out why then a woman in her forties would have an affair.

2. Boredom

When you have done almost everything you have wanted to do, and you still have life ahead of you, and you have lived your life doing everything you are “supposed to do”, what then? You get bored eventually, and want to do something that you thrive on. Ergo, a woman in her 40s goes around having a secret well hidden affair.

3. Menopause

This is no justification for having an affair, but when one’s body becomes a cocktail of hormones with things going haywire, one would like to find some comfort and pleasure in someone’s arms who makes her feel good! This is why some women have an affair when they cross the big 40.

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