5 Reasons Why We Must Not Forget 9/11

5 Reasons Why We Must Not Forget 9/11

“Time is the greatest healer” is a famous proverb but there are wounds that take a long time to heal and sometimes it takes a lifetime for them to heal. Such is the wound of the great devastation on 9/11 that not only Americans but people all over the world will never forget. Here are some reasons why we must not forget 9/11.

1. The terrorist attack took lives of many

Those who died on that day, were parents, mothers, fathers, sisters, daughters, brothers, sons or the love of someone’s life. Those who lost their lives left behind crying hearts. They died for no fault of theirs. What happened on that black day is simply too brutal to be forgotten. The number of deaths makes it one of the most shocking mass killings in the world. So, 9/11 must not be forgotten.

2. The people who fought that day need to be remembered

The soldiers, the firemen, the people who helped remove the debris, all those who made it a point to help and find the injured and the dead are to be saluted and remembered for without their help, the government would not have been able to clear the mess. It is the time to honor their services.

3. We must remember so as to learn

History teaches us a lot. If this kind of thing has happened once, it can happen again. We must remember 9/11 so that we can prevent anything of this sort from re-occurring. This stands true not only for America but all the countries of the world.

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