5 Reasons Why We Love House of Cards

Reasons Why We Love House of Cards

‘House of Cards’ is a popular American political drama series, aired on Netflix. It is considered to be one of the most edgy and interesting TV shows to have come up in the recent times. While some people have complained that the show has not managed to maintain its consistency well, and has dropped in terms of quality from the first season to the second season, there are many fans that refute this and continue to enjoy the series. February 2015 will see the launch of the third season of this series. Here are some of the reasons why people are completely crazy about this show.

1. For that comfortable viewing experience

When all the thirteen episodes of the first season were released together on February 1, 2013, viewers were happy. It was the kind of experience that you get when you stream your shows at your own pace without any ads. This meant a different kind of television programming format in a way, and was a new kind of breakthrough. It was easy for people to get hooked to the show, as all the episodes were available for watching back to back.

2. For the great plot

The plot of the show is quite remarkable. It is actually based on the novel by Michael Dobbs. Earlier, a mini-series was also made on this for BBC with the same name. Viewers across the globe have found the storyline edgy and exciting. And the pace with which each of the episodes displays the complex and interesting events is also good.

3. For Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey proves right from the first episode that he is an extremely fine actor, who can pull off the character really well. It’s as if he is holding the show’s success on his shoulders proudly. His role as Frank Underwood is impressive and striking. He is supported by some other great actors like Corey Stoll, Robin Wright etc.

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