5 Reasons Why Tanning Is Bad For You


Okay, this read is probably going to give you pain if you are a fan of that crisp golden tanned skin. I love to hit the beach, slip into a sexy bikini and just lie down. There is no other feeling like it! But our dream run comes to an end ladies – tanning is bad for us, whether we like it or not. Let’s find out why.

1. Do you know how your skin gets damaged….errr tanned?

Yeah, do you really know how your skin tans? Well it is more than just a change in the color tone of your skin. Did you know that skin cells in the upper layer of the skin produce melanin, which is a pigment that gives our skin its color? Here’s the ugly bit – when you are out in the sun, the UV rays damage the skin and increase the production of melanin. It is a clear sign that the skin is trying to protect itself from further damage. Doesn’t sound nice, does it?

2. Tanning increases the chances of skin cancer

I’d always heard how tanning may cause skin cancer but never really paid attention. I bet you did the same, didn’t you? Well it’s time that you do pay some attention. Tanning causes damage and trauma to the skin cells, which can also lead to skin cancer. And if you thought that you could go around this by a quick trip to the solarium, touch luck lady, the UV rays from the tanning beds are no good either! The rules are clear – the more your skin is exposed to any source of UV radiation, the higher the risk of skin cancer.

3. Tanning causes premature aging

Shocking! Isn’t it? Experts and conclusive research show that tanning leads to premature aging. The reason is same – the UV radiation. Increased exposure to UV radiation may induce premature aging in your skin. Whether it is the tan that you got from a beautiful day at the beach or a quick fix under the tanning bed at the solarium – the skin damage caused by its exposure ages your skin because it does irreparable damage.

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