5 Reasons Why Girls Should Stop Reading Mushy Romantic Novels

Why Should Girls Stop Reading Mushy Romantic Novels?

Yes, it is that fairytale love story again…where the prince comes on the white horse, woos the damsel and sweeps her away! The mushy dialogues that make you say “how cute!” The passion portrayed makes you go weak in your knees. And boom… There you are waiting for the same to happen to you. But it’s like, let me tell you, you are waiting for some impossible miracle. Why, you ask me? Because mushy romantic novels are far away from reality and they are bad. How, you ask me? Here’s why.

1. They’re unreal

It is too good to be true. Accept it; there really aren’t such kind of guys in our real world. The perfect blend of good looks, chivalry, compassion and love is very hard to exist.

2. Instill too high expectations

Expectations, this is one word that ruins most relationships. We read in romantic novels that the guy is doing those heroic deeds for his lady love. His courage and strength can’t be seen in our real time guys. Everyone is different. You can’t expect everything in one man. I know, we do expect. Blame it on these fairy-tale mushy stories.

3. Make you ignore the real picture

Not everyone lives in the cradle of mountains or the exotic islands. Not everyone owns a farm or is a cowboy!!! Real life is just too real, sometimes with those boring 9 to 5 jobs and too many responsibilities to handle. This hardly leaves any time for an exciting romance where you sail away to far away islands. It’s that dreary and dull routine that you cannot escape.

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