5 Reasons Why People Gossip

5 Reasons Why People Gossip

We human beings are social creatures. That is the reason why we communicate, talk and gossip. We can gossip about anything and everything, be it on latest fashion, our jealous classmate, a geeky room mate, our annoying neighbor, a friend’s boyfriend, our foes, or about celebrities; in short, anyone. Gossip can be described as talking about someone’s personal life and spreading rumors. Though gossip basically has a negative connotation, yet everyone gossips in their own right. This brings us to the question, why do people gossip? Let’s take a look at different facts and find out why people love to gossip.

1. It offers a platform to criticize people

People gossip about ‘fashion disasters’ they see, immature mates they have and of indecent or rude people whom they meet. Gossiping gives them a platform to criticize other people, against whom they have some grudges. They feel content as gossiping, in a way, helps them relieve their hidden displeasure.

2. It boosts ego

Criticizing someone or in other words, gossiping about someone, also has a psychological relevance. By doing so, people get a morale boost. They satisfy their ego by gossiping, which helps them feel superior to the person about whom they are gossiping. We can see people gossiping mostly about those people with whom they compare themselves. In this comparison, when they feel inferior to the other person, they gossip about him/her to make him/her look inferior. It is simply an act of finding pleasure in a ‘virtual’ superiority.

3. It helps to pass spare time

Gossiping is regarded as a very exciting way to spend time. Through gossiping, you not only vent out your discontentment but also get to know a lot about a person’s personal life or even the ‘dark secrets’ at times. This adds excitement to your life. This is certainly a notorious and wrong way to do so.

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