5 Reasons Why Online Dating May not Work for You

5 Reasons Why Online Dating May not Work for You

Social media has assumed great importance and widespread presence in all aspects of our existence. The dating arena is not to be left out either. A lot of teenage guys and gals are going in for online dating. It basically means you have a boyfriend in the virtual world. Young college going students spend hours and hours staring at the screen of their mobiles or iPad’s chatting away to their partners. Girls giggle away all day long and just don’t seem to get tired. If you are one of the few who can’t seem to get a hang of this phenomenon, here’s why.

1. You prefer face to face talk

Though by using a web cam you can see the guy you are chatting to, it just doesn’t give you the feel of being in the company of someone. You prefer meeting the guy you are dating face to face and rather be holding hands with him than sending cheesy smileys.

2. Not such a trustworthy idea

Online dating could be an in thing, but you just don’t think it’s safe. You find it difficult to place your trust in a guy who could probably be a continent apart from you. Also the possibility of him dating others can never ever be ruled out.

3. Too fake for your liking

More often than not guys who start talking to you online kick off with some cheesy pick up line. They keep on asking annoying questions about your family and friends and boyfriends without knowing you at all. The worst of all almost immediately they ask for the contact number and a picture.

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