5 Reasons Why love is Important Before You Tie the Knot

Reasons Why love is Important Before You Tie the Knot

They say Love makes the world go round, and it lifts us up to where we belong! You must have heard a million lines about how paramount love is in our lives, about how it changes every single thing and makes us realize our purpose! So it is only logical that you marry someone you love. Here is why love is important before you tie the knot:

1. An arrangement will not fulfill you completely:

Think about it. Will you be truly happy having a wedding with someone you barely know and are not in love with? Will you feel that sense of security and warmth that comes from loving and being loved in return? Will you have the comfort of knowing that he will catch you every time you fall? Love is supreme, and is certainly important before you marry someone.

2. Love leads to Understanding:

He will know you, your wishes, your dreams, your moods, your desires, your emotions, your needs; when there is love. That is the great thing about love, it leads to understanding. And that is what everyone needs, to be understood, to be held, to be loved!

3. You know what you are getting into:

When you marry someone love, you know who you are marrying and you know exactly what you are getting into. There would be only surprises of the good kind and not the kinds that would eventually transform themselves into deal breakers!

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