5 Reasons Why is it Important to Breathe While Exercising

5 Reasons Why is it Important to Breathe While Exercising

When you exercise you have to pay attention to the way you breathe. There are proper breathing techniques that you can imbibe so that your body benefits from the exercise exactly the way it should. Here are some of the reasons why you should focus on breathing while exercising.

1. It helps in efficiency of muscles

Only proper breathing can make sure that your muscles get the oxygen they need while providing energy and strength to assist you in performing the physical activity. This helps in making your muscles efficient so that they can perform at the highest level. Moreover, those who breathe perfectly, invariably exercise with greater efficiency than those who have improper breathing movements.

2. It generates more oxygen

While performing strenuous activities, you may need to breathe in from your mouth to supply more oxygen to the body. The oxygen supply through the nose might not be sufficient to power your muscles. Keep in mind that the more strenuous the activity, the greater the oxygen supply your body will need. Rhythmic deep breathing helps provide more oxygen too.

3. It helps maintain your breathing rhythm

It is important to maintain your breathing rhythm while exercising. For example, those who run maintain a 3:2 or 2:1 rhythm of inhaling and exhaling. This way you inhale more oxygen and then push out all the carbon dioxide. The thumb rule is to exhale when you are exerting. Thus, in pull ups you have to exhale when you are lifting yourself. You should also practice belly breathing as that lets you pull in more oxygen into the body.

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