5 Reasons Why Infidelity May not Necessarily Lead to Breakup

5 Reasons Why Infidelity May not Necessarily Lead to Breakup

The amount of importance the topic of infidelity holds differs from couple to couple. For some couples it would be a real big deal and for some a slip once is fine. It is not necessary that infidelity would always lead to breakup. Here are 5 reasons why infidelity may not necessarily lead to break up.

1. If he is not aware of your secret affair

If your infidelity is still not known to your partner, your partner has no idea about what is happening behind his back, there is no question of any reaction. Hence, it wouldn’t lead to break up, at least till the time he doesn’t find out.

2. You are too attached and you cannot let him go

You are too attached to your lover and you can’t even think of a breakup. The kind of strong feeling of love and affection you have towards your partner would not give you the courage to breakup even though you are hurt.

3. You have done it too

There are chances you wouldn’t breakup with your partner who has been unfaithful because you too have done the same thing. You cannot breakup on grounds of infidelity because you are guilty on those grounds and your partner may or may not have been aware about it.

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