5 Reasons Why Girls Want Guys to Pay on the First Date

5 Reasons Why Girls Want Guys to Pay on the First Date

Dating new men to find the right guy, and playing trial and test before you settle for one man is a fun experience. Usually when you go on dates the awkward moment comes up when the bill is bought to your table. Even after discussing a zillion times with your girls, you are never quite sure if you should let the guy pay or pay your share. Here’s a tip girls, don’t over think and just let the guy do the honors. However, here are 5 reasons as to why girls expect guys to pay on the first date.

1. To observe his attitude towards the date

On the first date a girl usually wants to observe the basic nature and mannerisms of the guy. If you jump in to pay at the very moment the bill arrives, you will never know his attitude towards paying the bills.

2. To know if he is genuinely interested

Girls obviously want to know if the guy is genuinely interested in her. So she expects the guy to pay just as an indication of “I like you, we can meet again.” Ether that might happen or the guy will not meet or call the girl again. In both cases the girl has nothing to lose.

3. To allow the guys to impress them

Girls know that guys spend only in the initial phases when they want to impress and flatter the girls. Hence, girls want the guys to have their chance at impressing them by paying the bill on the first date.

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