5 Reasons Why Boys are So Afraid of Rejection

5 Reasons Why Boys are So Afraid of Rejection

A lot of boys often deal with the fear of rejection, day in and day out. Understanding and analyzing this fear can help women realize why some guys are so terrified of being turned down or turned away. Here is a comprehensive list to understand it from the guy’s perspective.

1. Past experiences

Let’s face it, being rejected once is a pain, being rejected twice is agony. It could take a lifetime to recover from that rejection. It isn’t just about women all the time. Some guys are just as paranoid about jobs, favorite colleges and friends. Past experiences, be it with love, work or friends, might have been so harrowing that it makes guys try to avoid all these occurrences by being different. Thus, in addition to their existing fears and experiences, rejection can push guys into a shell that they find hard to crack for the rest of their lives.

2. Low confidence

Low confidence is an obvious explanation for the fear of rejection. Guys may feel their looks don’t match up to a woman’s expectations or even their own immediate circle of friends. They could also be suffering from low self-esteem because they might think they aren’t smart enough or because they have been mistreated and mocked by people around them. When a guy feels undervalued and inferior, he may expect rejection on a regular basis.

3. Emotional sensitivity

Some guys are extremely sensitive; so sensitive that they take offence even for the smallest reason. Sometimes it embarrasses others and sometimes they embarrass themselves. Such guys are more likely to stay aloof, stay away from others. Emotional pain is too much for them. When it comes to women, such guys can take rejection really badly.

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