5 Reasons Why Beautiful Women End Up With Average Looking Men

5 Reasons Why Beautiful Women End Up With Average Looking Men

Nice, honest and successful man is a rare find. You can only consider yourself extremely lucky if he comes with the package of being handsome and good looking. But, when it comes to love, romance and understanding, certain adjustments need to be made in terms of physical appearances. You cannot hang on to your tall, dark and handsome dream man, if he isn’t loving, caring and understanding enough for you. Hence, most of the beautiful women tend to end up with average looking men, and here are the reasons why.

1. The need for loyalty and trust

Beautiful women after dating hot men realize that they need men who more than just being hot. If a beautiful woman dates an average looking guy, the level of insecurity would be less, so automatically the trust level would be higher and the guy would take efforts to give ally attention to his woman.

2. Requirement of well settled partner

If an average looking guy is well settled and is very rich, then a beautiful woman would consider him, keeping aside his looks and rather concentrating on his other qualities. Because nobody is perfect and some compromises can be made for other luxuries in life.

3. Priority given to availability

A man who is good looking, has a good personality and also has a good nature wouldn’t be really single. Many women even though they are good looking have difficulty in finding the right men. So, if they find men who fulfill most of their desired criteria but have average looks, they would consider dating such men.

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