5 Reasons Why Adele Rocks

5 Reasons Why Adele Rocks

The rocking musical star Adele, the more you say about her the less it is. Here are 5 reasons why Adele rocks.

1. Husky voice

Adele’s voice certainly stands out in comparison to many other pop stars. Adele has a rounded resonating voice which allows her to range from low to mid with preciseness which is also known as the Contralto voice. Her voice enlivens the mood of every party and is now a hit favorite. Her voice in particular has received positive reviews from her critics in terms of expression, maturity and projection of sentimentality.

2. Adele’s style of music

Adele’s music can be categorized as soul music than popular music. Her lyrics deal with extremely real and relevant themes in relationship like Rolling in the Deep is a hit favorite, and is all about not giving a chance to your love and self destructive force which can crumple the purest of feelings. Set fire to the rain is also along a similar theme.

3. Sense of fashion

With flaming red her and her emerald eyes, Adele has become the reigning queen of musical subjects. She loves classical outfits and simplicity. It defines her best and the music wins the soul above all. Vogue has commented on her improved and simple sense of style and dressing. It only adds more charm to her magical voice and stage appearance.

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