5 Reasons to not Share Your Children’s Secrets

Reasons to not Share Your Children's Secrets

All of us have our share of secrets. Some we choose to divulge in one or a few and some that lay buried for a lifetime. Like adults, children also have their own secrets. While keeping secrets is a personal choice, sometimes secrets can make children vulnerable and hence it is always better that they confide them in you. However, your children’s secrets must be handled with care. Here are some important reasons why you should not share your children’s secrets.

1. They may lose confidence in you

When a child opens up to you, he or she is doing so because they find you comfortable and trust you not to wrongly handle what is divulged. Mishandling of information that is near to them can ruin their confidence and make them go into a shell. The situation can make them find all people untrustworthy and could also turn them a cynic.

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2. They may never open up again

When you share your children’s secrets with others and the little ones comes to know of it, it will shatter their confidence in you. They may not share their secrets with you the next time and if they are harmful, the situation can even turn fatal. They will never want to open up again even if it means harm to them and that’s the last thing any mother would want.

3. Every secret is a secret

When something is classified a secret, it should remain a secret regardless of the fact that it is that of an adult or a child. It is important to give a child his or her due respect in matters that are private for him or her. He or she has chosen to open up and divulge a little or big secret to you and you should appreciate them for taking a bold step.

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