5 Reasons to Feel Excited about Android Wear Smartwatches

Reasons to Feel Excited about Android Wear Smartwatches

An avant-garden in the world of smartwatches, the Android Wear Smartwatches are ready to take the market by storm. With a top-notch OS, these devices have taken a huge leap over the other smartwatches that up until now have simply done the job of delivering small notifications. The Android Wear is not just an “illusion” of a smartwatch, but is the real deal. Here are 5 reasons to feel excited about the Android Wear Smartwatches.

1. It has the “Save to Pocket” feature

Probably the best feature that gives Android Wear Smartwatches the edge over other smartwatches is its “Save to Pocket” feature. This feature now enables you to save or share, which was not possible up until now. The Android Wear lets you save the delivered content to the Pocket for later viewing. These watches not only let you have a look at quick snippets like tweets, mails, news alerts, Google Now notifications, but also allows you to share them.

2. It has the voice search feature

Just like the smartphones, the Android Wear Smartwatches also use the Knowledge Graph Voice search engine. So now with your smartwatch you can easily, by voice input, search for locations, their distances while you are on your way to the location, stores and restaurants in a certain area, maps, the weather, traffic. You can get basically any kind of information you need. All you need to do is tap on the “g” tab or say “Ok Google” to activate the search engine.

3. It lets you communicate

The Android Wear lets you communicate with everyone, but only through everything Google. It lets you send messages to people on your Google+ contacts database, send e-mails on Gmail, chat on Hangouts and even receive phone calls via the same. However, all of this can only be possible if you’re ready to speak out your messages.

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