5 Reasons to Break Up with Your Boyfriend

5 Reasons to Break Up with Your Boyfriend

In a relationship? Feel at times that you should just dump him? Unable to make your mind? If your guy does any of these things, ditch him!

1. Cheats on you

No questions, no explanations, no justifications. Whatever may have happened, if you two were meant to be, there would have been no cheating. If he thought the relationship was over and he could sleep around, then you better end it! Unacceptable, nada!

2. Lies about his job

If he is lying about his job, then God knows what else he is lying about. Maybe he is going around with someone else as well. What would possess someone to lie about what they do? If he thought it would be a deal breaker, it most probably is. Lying in general is unacceptable anyway!

3. Becomes over possessive

“Where were you?”, “Whom were you with?”, “Who texted you just now?”; if your guy has become a jealous man, ditch him! Dump his over protective super possessive behind, because not only will he be a cause of constant stress, you will feel like you are living in prison!

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