5 Reasons the World Loves Italian Food

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At all times, eating out is always an enjoyable experience. A variety of cuisine is available all over the world and ‘Italian Food’ stands as one of the most relished cuisines. A lot of staple dishes that we enjoy in restaurants have their history in an Italian kitchen. Italian food is considered to be both tasty and healthy. Listed here are some reasons why the world loves Italian food.

1. For the delicious pizzas and pastas

Pizzas and pastas are the most loved and eaten foods around the world. There is no surprise that both of them are from Italy. There are many recipes for pizzas and so even the pickiest eater is satisfied. The variety of veggies, cheese, and bases are not just filling for the stomach but also good for the heart. They are loved by both kids and adults alike. Have you ever seen a pizza place empty? Pastas are an all time favorite food. A quick bowl of pasta before work or a hot and steamy one at dinner time is always a great choice.

2. For the yummy ingredients

Italian food can be made with what you have at home. It could be just two or three ingredients or up to 10! All the ingredients used are just yummy. A lovely dish of risotto is just rice and vegetables along with some broth! The popular minestrone soup not only tastes great but is also healthy. The use of olive oil makes the dish even better. There are no specific herbs to be used in Italian food. You can go with what you have in your kitchen. Just salt and pepper too is fine to make a good pasta dish.

3. For the variety of breads

Breads are an essential part of Italian cuisine. They are used as appetizers, sides, meals, or even desserts. The most popular breads are spiced up with herbs and sun dried tomatoes that add great flavor to the entire meal. The popular ‘biscotti’ is a bread that is baked twice and is very tasty when served with dry fruits like almonds and spices.

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