5 Reasons Sunscreen Keeps you Young

5 Reasons Sunscreen Keeps you Young

These days, using sunscreen has been strictly recommended to avoid skin problems caused by the sun. According to some recent studies it has been found that applying and reapplying of sunscreen at regular intervals everyday can also keep you looking young. So what better reason there is to use something that troubleshoots two problems at one time! Here are 5 reasons why sunscreen keeps you young.

1. It stops skin darkening

No matter how much you tan your skin, you can never achieve a uniform tan that you find in people who are naturally dark skinned. Tanning always takes place in a patchy way, and patchy skin can obviously make you look older compared to an even skin tone.

2. It prevents skin cancer

It is a scientifically proven fact that long exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. And with skin cancer you are neither healthy nor young. Applying sunscreen regularly can greatly cut down the risk of skin cancer.

3. It prevents wrinkles

Sun exposure can cause skin aging, leaving your skin dry and harsh and full of wrinkles. Using sunscreen is a definite solution to that problem.

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