5 Reasons Not to Play the Blame Game

5 Reasons Not to Play the Blame Game

Blame game is to pass the blame of doing a wrong deed to somebody else. This blame game is very common in a friend circle, among colleagues and even in some disturbed families. People now don’t want to take blame for their incorrect actions done and curse others, which is wrong. If this game persists between a couple then their relationship suffers. The arguments increase because of passing the blame to each other and in some cases it leads to divorce. In such a scenario between a husband and his wife, their children are the heavy sufferers. In between friends and colleagues also, the blame game first takes the trust away and then heads towards breaking the relationship. Here are some reasons not to play the blame game.

1. Declines trust

When you blame a person say your friend or your better half or any colleague, then the first thing that vanishes is trust. Your known buddy will not rely on you from now as he/she knows that you can ditch him/her anytime when things won’t go in your favor.

2. Leads to hatred

Following the diminishing trust, the relationship leads to hatred. The person starts disliking you for your wrong actions and may restrict the conversation with you.

3. Can cause depression

If you’ve played the blame game and the other person isn’t talking to you, chances are that you may get depressed. You are no longer able to discuss things with the person. One relation gets sacrificed because of the stupid blame game.

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