5 Reasons Kate Middleton May Become as Popular as Princess Diana

5 Reasons Kate Middleton May Become as Popular as Princess Diana

When the Royal Wedding happened in the year 2011, the whole world was watching the ceremony on their television sets. As Prince William and Kate Middleton exchanged their vows, there was a lot of talk on how the Prince was getting married to a commoner. However, one thing that everyone was sure of was that Kate Middleton reminded them a lot about Princess Diana. Since the wedding happened, it’s uncanny how some of the public appearances of Kate have been similar to that of Diana’s. Here are some of the reasons why she might end up being as popular as Princess Diana after all.

1. Their dressing is similar

The press has been following Kate Middleton everywhere and has been alert enough to notice that she often wears the kind of clothes that Princess Diana used to wear. In fact, she wore a similar polka dotted dress after the delivery of her baby boy as Princess Diana wore when Prince William was born.

2. They are ‘people friendly’

The people in the kingdom have found Kate Middleton’s smile and endeavors as warm and welcoming as that of Princess Diana’s. Needless to say, Kate has captured the hearts of many, just like her late mother-in-law did.

3. Both have interesting past lives

While Diana’s past life consisted of parents who had faced separation, leading to slightly juicier and complicated details for the media to dig through, Kate’s non-aristocratic background raised a few eyebrows here and there, even though her parents are well settled and still together. Both women had the media talking about them a lot before their marriage and entry into the royal family.

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