5 Reasons Feminism is Still Important

5 Reasons Feminism is Still Important

Have you seen cases of women being cheated on by their men, car or household accessories dealers, or even at places they work? Have you heard of women being subjected to verbal or physical abuse, or even read about rape and assault? Do you have friends who are mothers of girls telling their wards to be careful while traveling alone? If answers to all these questions is yes then feminism is still relevant and very important. Here is a list of some of the reasons why feminism is still important.

1. Women are still the victims

Sexual assault, rape, and physical abuse related to sexual harassment are issues that are common for women all over the world. Though we have the fast developing countries claiming that there are no such things happening around, it is a fact that things are still happening with no one to stop them. Feminism here is essential. There is a dire need for the non-feminine gender to understand this.

2. Women are paid less

There are many cases of women being paid less than men in many European countries. It not only happens at lower levels but also at higher positions in the corporate world. Feminism is still relevant here. The corporate world ruled by so called men, needs feminists to make them understand that both men and women are equal.

3. Women are seldom given a choice

How long does a man take leave to take care of a newborn at home? Isn’t the wife expected to be sacrificing her career no matter how high positioned she is and no matter how high salaried she is? Feminism is relevant here. It is meant to give choice to the woman if she wants to continue her career or not. Not just that, if a woman chooses to not get married, or not have kids, then she is frowned upon. She must be given a choice to live her life the way she wants.

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