5 Quick Ways to Appear Confident

5 Quick Ways to Appear Confident

Everyone knows that in the current times, confidence sells. Whether it is in the job market or anywhere else, confident individuals are the ones who always make their mark and enjoy the best of opportunities, as well as all the perks and benefits. But then, there are those who are just too shy or scared of being vocal, of speaking their mind out comfortably. Here are some tips for such people, on how to appear confident.

1. Look Confident

This is possibly the easiest to do. When you’re wearing clothes that you’re comfortable and look good in, then half your job is done. Starting your day by looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling happy about the fact that you are looking smart helps a lot in building your confidence and boosting up your mental state. Your mood automatically switches to being happy, and you feel more comfortable and confident about yourself. Also, when you dress sharply, others look up to you with respect, and your confidence instantly reaches out to them.

2. Talk Confident

This involves managing the pace and tone with which you are talking. If you are soft-spoken always, then people will mistake you as some meek person, with no authority. You need to have a good pace, so that your speech is clear and confident. Talking too fast may make it seem that you are nervous. So always speak slowly, with proper voice modulations. Get your expressions and messages delivered to other people in the right manner.

3. See Confidently

Looking down at the floor while talking to other people may make you seem like someone low on the hierarchy. It is like getting the feeling of being punished by your school principal, where you dare raise your eyes. But there are many situations in life where you can’t afford to be like this and need to look straight into the eyes of the other person while talking. Most common situations are while negotiating for a raise, bargaining on something, allocating work to someone junior to you etc. Those who are wondering about how to be confident must also know that looking here and there while talking to someone is also not a good sign, as it implies your attention being diverted to other things around.

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