5 Office Party Blunders to Avoid

Office Party Blunders to Avoid

An office is a place where you follow a typical code of conduct, since you have your boss, your subordinates and your colleagues around you. Interactions at all these different levels are formal, professional and many a times you cannot be yourself. But when offices have a get-together or parties, the situation becomes social, less formal and more relaxed. You’re expected to chill out and have a good time. But how do you prevent those blunders which might lead to your boss and colleagues thinking of you differently? Here are 5 ways you can avoid office party blunders and save yourself from the embarrassment.

1. Don’t get too drunk

Some of you may act very stupid when you get drunk- throwing up on someone’s suit, spilling your guts out about your boss, stripping or singing on the table! Things can only get worse. Next day you will wake-up with a terrible hang over and everyone at office will know you as the women who puked on her boss’s suit! Be careful about how much you drink.

2. Are you a funny woman?

The need to mingle and break the ice can be very unnerving. Don’t try to be too funny and make the effort very evident. You might just end up making a fool and have people laugh behind your back.

3. Don’t sing if you can’t!

You may be an amazing bathroom singer or your friends might endure it but its not OK to look like an idiot in front of your colleagues. You might just become the new laughing stalk!

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