5 Nutrition Rules You Never Knew

5 Nutrition Rules You Never Knew

Much has been told about what is good and what is bad when it comes to nutrition and health. As a result, people who really want to plan a healthy food chart for themselves find it difficult to decide the correct food choices. Some combination food works best and some works worst, so it is important to know it before you are game for it. Check out 5 nutrition rules you never knew or probably have never really followed.

1. Whole wheat bread is better than white bread

Choosing whole wheat bread over white bread will be the healthiest choice you are making. Calorie-wise, both are the same. But, nutrient-wise, whole wheat bread gives you the best nutrition through grains. Buy breads labeled whole grain wheat. Sugarless oatmeal, popcorn, brown rice, quinoa and whole-wheat pasta are best choices for whole grains.

2. Don’t eat fruit alone

No doubt that fruits have rich antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals. It’s the sugar in fruits that can cause problems by elevating the blood sugar, when eaten alone. Get the most out of your fruit by eating it with a protein or fat source.

3. Never compromise on your breakfast

Have a balanced breakfast that consists of carbs and proteins. Do not fail to includes eggs, milk, toast and nuts in your breakfast. Eat a slice of cake, preferably a chocolaty one along with it for keeping you full till the next food break. But do not overdo it.

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